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The 8 most common mistakes about sunscreen

Header The Moisturizer - The 8 most common mistakes when using sunscreen

Do you think you use your sunscreen the way you should? Are you sure? Sunscreen is a pillar of all your morning skincare routines, so using it correctly is key to keep a healthy, protected and beautiful skin. Let’s see how many of these sunscreen mistakes you have committed and let’s get them fixed!

Parabens: should you avoid them?

Header The Moisturizer - Parabens: should you avoid them?

Do you look for paraben-free skincare? Are you worried about your beauty products containing toxics or chemicals? We all want to take care of our skin with the best cosmetics, providing it with whatever it needs to be healthy and beautiful, but we may have misconceptions. Today you’ll learn if you should really avoid parabens!

Acne: causes, types and treatments

Header The Moisturizer - Acne: causes, types and treatments

Acne is one of the most common skin concerns. Minimizing those zits, pimples and comedones is often a difficult task that requires the supervision of a dermatologist. However, you can improve that acne with the right beauty routine and using adequate skincare actives. Do you know how can skincare help with your acne? Read on!

Peptides: benefits for your skin

Header The Moisturizer - Peptides: benefits for your skin

Are you worried about wrinkles and fine lines? Peptides are excellent actives to include in your skincare routines, since they help fight early signs of aging while avoiding the irritation that comes along other ingredients, such as retinoids. Let me show you the right peptide for your skin and the best cosmetic that contains it!

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