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REVIEW: I’m From Mugwort Mask

Header The Moisturizer - REVIEW: I'm From Mugwort Mask

Do you use masks? Even though they’re not utterly necessary in our skincare routines, they feel amazing and so, so relaxing. To me, few sensations compare to apply a good face mask and just chill with a good book, movie or TV show. ¡Let’s see if this I’m From Mugwort Mask is for you!

REVIEW: Cerave Hydrating Cleanser

Header The Moisturizer - REVIEW: Cerave Hydrating Cleanser

Have you found the ideal face cleanser? If you have dry skin, you may have noticed that many cleansers are too stripping for you, leaving your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. This Cerave Hydrating Cleanser aims to solve that issue through an effective yet gentle cleanse. Do you think it will achieve it? Let’s see!

COMPARISON: Sunscreens

Header The Moisturizer - COMPARISON: Sunscreens

Have you found the perfect sunscreen? You know, the one that protects your skin well while having a nice texture and being comfortable to apply and reapply. If you’re still looking for the best sunblock for your skin, this comparison will certainly help you find your ideal sunscreen to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

REVIEW: Avène Cleanance Mat Mattifying Emulsion

Header The Moisturizer - REVIEW: Avène Cleanance Mat Mattifying Emulsion

If you have oily or combination skin, finding the right moisturizer can be quite difficult. Some may leave your skin feeling extra oily while others may not provide enough hydration. This review will help you understand if the Avène Cleanance Mat Mattifying Emulsion is what your skin is craving. Let’s find you a new moisturizer!

Night routine to prevent wrinkles

Header The Moisturizer - Night routine to prevent wrinkles

Are you worried about wrinkles and fine lines? This night routine will help you prevent and reduce them with some of my favorite cosmetics of brands like Paula’s Choice, The Ordinary or Medik8. Keeping your skin young, healthy and beautiful is in your hands, discover these skincare products with me and choose the best ones!

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