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Where to buy The Ordinary products

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Hello hello! In my article about my favorite The Ordinary products, you often ask me about the best place to buy them. There are many online stores where you can find the different products of the brand, but some are better than others (they have more product availability, better prices, etc.). Although you can find The Ordinary products in some physical stores, what I have seen is that in these online stores you can find much more availability, more competitive prices and, in addition, they send you the products home, so it is the most comfortable option. Do you want to find out which is the best store to buy products from The Ordinary? Let’s see it!

1. Where to buy The Ordinary products.

2. Where to avoid buying The Ordinary products.




As I said, there are many stores where you can find the different products from The Ordinary. I know the brand very well and I have tried many of its products, but I have also tried different stores to find out which one is the best so that you don’t have to look for yourself..


Although it may seem obvious, sometimes we forget that the most logical place to buy The Ordinary products is on their own online store. On the DECIEM website itself we can find availability of all the brand’s products (in addition to other DECIEM brands such as NIOD -which you may remember from other articles such as my reviews of its CAIS 2 serum or NAAP-, Hylamide or Chemistry Brand). If you think about buying on the DECIEM website you should know that they offer free shipping for purchases over 25€. In addition, you can return the products up to 365 days after buying them in case you see that they are not right for you.

My experience shopping at DECIEM has been very satisfactory and the customer service management has been very good. It is true that, for the moment, the brand does not send samples, although according to DECIEM, they are working on starting to distribute them..


Cult Beauty is one of the most famous online stores to buy your skincare products, and you can find your The Ordinary fix here too! They basically have the whole range from the brand, plus you can find some other interesting ones that I love, such as Dr. Roebuck’s.

If you buy on Cult Beauty, you’ll have free shipping for all purchases over 48€, and you’ll receive your products in 2-8 business days. If you don’t reach that limit, you can pay 5.95€ for the shipping and you’ll receive them! Also, they usually include different gifts on your package depending on how big your purchase is and on different promotions they have..


On Feelunique you can find the whole range of products from The Ordinary, as well as the NIOD range and other top skincare and makeup brands.

Usually, on Feelunique you’ll have to pay shipping costs, but depending on the country you’re at and the kind of shipping you want (standard, untracked or express) they have different prices. Also, depending on your purchase, they’ll include a beauty kit or a set of samples, allowing you to try different brands at the same time that you receive your new products from The Ordinary.




Now that you know the best stores to find the products you are looking for from The Ordinary, I want to stop for a moment to tell you about the sites that you should generally avoid. When we buy online we must do it with consciously, knowing at all times on which page we are and who sells us the products. Therefore, I do not advise you to buy skincare products on eBay or other platforms where it is easy to find fakes and products that do not comply with the regulations for cosmetics. Sometimes it is not convenient to trust bargains, since you can end up throwing money (or using products that are not safe). Remember, always buy with a head.

Here ends my comparison of online stores where to find the different products of The Ordinary. I hope it has helped you to use reliable stores and in which my experience has been positive. I am sure that your experience will be too and soon you will be able to enjoy your favorite products at home. Where do you usually buy cosmetics? Have you used any of these online stores? Tell me in the comments section!



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