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REVIEW: NIOD Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist (SDSM2)

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Wait… you don’t use antioxidants on every morning routine? They’re an excellent way to boost the effectiveness of sunscreen (which is the most important part of AM routines). In this case, the NIOD Superoxide Dismutase Disaccharide Mist (SDSM2) includes one of my favorite antioxidants, wonderful on sensitive skin, let me share my experience with you!


Long time without sharing a NIOD review! You may know the brand from my previous reviews, such as those of CAIS 2 (my favorite peptide serum, of which there is now a new version), or NAAP. Today I am going to talk to you about a mist which got me very surprised. Do you want to know it a little better? Keep reading!


You can get the NIOD Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist (SDSM2), on DECIEM (recommended).

You already know that I am not very used to talking about mists, and it is not usually easy to find one that really gives you something more than a momentary refreshing sensation. Sometimes, a mist can be used as a substitute (or complement) for your toner, providing greater hydration to our skin.

In this case, I have been using this mist as a tonic for a few months, since its composition and texture make it the ideal product for this step of your skincare routine.

If you do not know NIOD, I recommend you to take a look at the other reviews that I have published about the brand, such as this one about the Copper Amino-Isolate Serum 2: 1 or CAIS 2 (an anti-aging serum with copper peptides) or this one from Non-acid Acid Precursor or NAAP (a serum that exfoliates without using exfoliating acids). This brand, belonging to DECIEM, the parent company to which The Ordinary also belongs, is characterized by developing quite innovative products with formulas that I personally find fascinating because of the ingredients they incorporate and how they interact with each other (although you already know that the ingredients list is not everything).

I’m sure you want me to get down to business and start telling you more about this mist, right? If we start with the most basic info, we can see that it comes in a 240 ml container that is quite long lasting (although we must not ignore that its PAO is 6 months). The diffuser that helps to apply the product is very comfortable and sprays the product over a fairly wide area, although it has caught my attention that with use it seems that it begins to crack progressively, I imagine that due to contact with some of the ingredients of the formula. Of course, although its appearance is no longer that of the first day, it continues to work perfectly.

The product is slightly greenish in color and does not have a particularly prominent scent. And how is its texture? The texture of this NIOD SDSM2 is very light, totally watery and absorbs very easily. You can perfectly use it in your morning or night routines, although I prefer to apply it in the morning for the antioxidants it provides, ideal at that time of the day, something that I will talk about in a moment.

You may be wondering what makes this mist special and why you might be interested in one with superoxide dismutase (also known as SOD). This ingredient, which I talked about in greater detail in my guide on antioxidants, crucially protects us against free radicals, which promote cellular oxidation and inflammation, thus accelerating the aging of our skin. In fact, among its most significant characteristics we can highlight its anti-inflammatory properties (ideal for irritated or sensitive skin) and its ability to prevent various signs of aging (such as the appearance of spots or wrinkles). In case it is not enough, this mist also incorporates a type of polysaccharides that help to effectively prevent water loss, thus promoting skin hydration in a way similar to hyaluronic acid, although more powerful, something that you will certainly appreciate if your skin is irritated.

Using a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory product like this is a great idea in any case and for any skin type. With it, we help prevent dehydration and protect our skin barrier, which allows us to achieve a more effective result when treating the problems that concern us most. I can use this mist on a daily basis without getting tired of it. I normally use it as a substitute for toner before applying hyaluronic acid and some other serum.

On the other hand, we must not neglect its antioxidant properties, which we can take advantage of in our morning routine to complement (never replace) the activity of the sunscreen and thus avoid even more effectively the damage that ultraviolet radiation can cause us. You already know that it is one of the greatest enemies of our skin.

For me, with this product they are all advantages. Preventing skin barrier imbalances with a mist like this is simple and especially helpful. In addition, if you use other antioxidants in your morning routine, you can get them to work synergistically, enhancing each other. Without a doubt, it will be a regular in my beauty routines for a long time.



If you want to get the best possible benefit from this mist, the ideal is to apply it after cleansing (you can use it morning and night interchangeably). I apply it after cleansing and my vitamin C serum. Apply several sprays to the face and help it to be absorbed with gentle touches. Then finish the rest of your beauty routine with your serums, moisturizer and, if it is in the morning, your sunscreen.

This graphic aims to help you understand in which part of your skincare routine you should use each product.
You don’t need to do all the steps from this routine (but you should always cleanse, moisturize and use sunscreen).
Remember it’s key to do a patch test every time you consider adding new products to your skincare routine.


Aqua (Water), Superoxide Dismutase, Malachite Extract, Pseudoalteromonas Exopolysaccharides, Mirabilis Jalapa Extract, Polypodium Vulgare Rhizome Extract, Cetraria Islandica Thallus Extract, Sphagnum Magellanicum Extract, Arginine, Propanediol, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Salicylate, Gellan Gum, Sodium Chloride, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Citric Acid, Tromethamine, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin.

You can get the NIOD Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist (SDSM2), on DECIEM (recommended).


Do you use mists often? Have you tried this one? What is your favorite antioxidant? Let me know in the comment section!


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